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Story Ideas


Parenting Teens Successfully – Being a teen the 21st
century is challenging. Parenting them can be just as challenging while getting
through the roller coasters of puberty. There are many simple ways to get
through to them effectively.


The Common Denominator of All Healthy Relationships
Whether it’s a family member, friend, business partner or co-worker,
all relationships have a common denominator: You. There are simple things you
can do to make sure that your relationships with others thrive.


Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Build Healthy
– Children are inundated with all types of media modeling behavior
that make it hard for them to form healthy relationships with friends,
teachers, parents and other family members. That makes it difficult to raise
well-adjusted respectful children. There are simple things adults can do
counteract the negative effect of media.


Building Strong Mother Daughter Relationships
It’s one of the most complex relationships; however,
it’s also one that has the strongest bond. Working through differences and the
battle of the hormones can seem like and daunting achievement, but, with a few
simple rules you can move beyond disagreements with greater ease.



Breaking News and Expert Commentary & Tips


Dr. Trevicia provides breaking news and expert commentary, background and story ideas on the topics
related to:



Work-life Balance

Job readiness

Person-job fit in a tight job market and tough economy

Stress management

Overcoming obstacles

Adversity-crisis management

Parenting and Mother-daughter Relationships

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Winning Against Odds

Healthy Relationships (families)


or Blog Content:
If you need articles, columns or tip sheets, Dr. Trevicia can respond to your pre-press deadlines and last minute requests. 


She can also provide articles and expert commentary related to job readiness, work-life balance, change management, conflict management, leadership, job readiness, overcoming adversities, healthy relationships, teenage pregnancies, puberty and self esteem for reprint and modification to meet your needs while reducing editing time.


Additionally, Dr. Trevicia writes freelance articles for a variety of publications and is an experienced suggestive writer about intriguing and trending topics while remaining sensitive to media deadlines.


her at
email trevicia @ for additional ways that she can provide content or expert commentary about socially relevant topics and breaking news. 

Other press inquires, please:

Email: info @ (For anti-spam purposes, extra spaces were placed on both sides of the @ sign in the email address. Please type email as usual when sending inquiries.)

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