While Dr. Trevicia Williams has earned a Bachelors Degree in  Interdisciplinary Studies, Master’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences with a focus on Psychology and a Doctorate Degree in Psychology, she chose to dedicate her life’s work to human behavior through the lens of multiple discipline, including psychology; however, she is not a psychologist. Dr. Williams is a full potentials living coach, author, speaker, trainer and America’s leading media expert on human behavior, healthy relationships, productivity, parenting teens, mother daughter relationships, self matters, moral aptitude and value-based living based on recent studies, research and trending topics. She regularly provides tips as well as expert commentary about trending hot topics. and breaking news to local and national radio, television and print media. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including Radio Disney, Woman’s Day Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, K104 FM Morning Show, 105.7 FM Radio, 88.1 News Talk, the Houston Chronicle, DFW Child Magazine, Dallas Weekly, LifeTime, Lifetime Movie Network, BET, Oxygen, Bravo and more. She also a frequent subject matter expert on several media outlets.

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DFW Child Magazine: Sound Tips: Staying Connected with Your Tween Daughter
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Subject Matter Expert: Father Daughter Relationships on D Magazine’s KTXD-TV The Broadcast TV
Dr.-Trevicia-Williams-Human-Behavior-Expert-National-Speaker-2 Subject Matter Expert: Mother Daughter Relationships and Dr. Trevicia Williams’ Signature Mother Daughter Seminar I Love You But I Can’t Stand You Right Now on D Magazine’s KTXD-TV  -Watch Interview
Dr.-Trevicia-Williams-Media-Expert-Healthy-Relationships-Parenting-Teens-Communication-Value-Based-Living-Morals-Motivational-Speaker-Teen-Pregnancy-Expert TV Subject Matter Guest Expert: Mother Daughter Body Language that Triggers Negative Emotions on D Magazine’s KTXD-TV The Broadcast TV –
Watch Interview
Hansen of Radio Disney Interviews Dr. Trevicia Williams About Her Healthy Mother Daughter Relationships Charity
Dallas News mentioned Dr. Trevicia Williams seminar for mothers and their teen daughters to learn healthy and effective communication strategies. Read More
Dallas Weekly Features Dr. Trevicia Williams’ Charity Event Women Who Dare To Win –
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Women’s History Month: Dr. Trevicia Williams Talks Basics While Women Strut for A Cause-
Read Article– Dallas Weekly Health
Subject Matter Expert: Family and Forgiveness with Dr. Trevicia Williams D Magazine’s KTXD-TV & Suzie Humphreys
Watch Interview
Radio Guest on K104 FM. Topic: Back to School Success, The Backpack Every Teen Needs –
Listen to Interview
Family & Forgiveness The Broadcast TV
Subject Matter Expert – Self Improvement: Ways to Make a Lasting Impression in Less Than 5 Minutes The Broadcast TV
Watch Interview
Radio Guest on 105.7 FM. Topic: Healthy Parent Child Relationships with Lynne Haze
How To Talk With Your Teen About Choices: Dallas Child Magazine- Read Article
K104 FM Interviews Dr. Trevicia Williams About Talking with Your Teen About Sensitive Topics – Listen to Interview
Radio Guest on Disney Radio 620 AM. Topic: Parent-Teen Relationships and Back to School Success
On this edition of McKinney in Focus, Dr. Trevicia Williams talks about her work promoting healthy mother-daughter relationships and as an advocate for preventing teen and unplanned pregnancies through monthly seminars she holds in the DFW Metroplex…Listen to Interview
TV45 Interviews Dr. Trevicia about a Tight Market: Landing the Job!
Garland Journal: Mom uses public humiliation punishment Dr. Trevicia Williams reacts with seminar for moms and teen girls
Read Article
She is Dallas
Read Article
Professional Women Help Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Seminar helps teens and mothers connect
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North Dallas Gazette: Dr. Trevicia Williams Celebrating Women for A Cause
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African American News & Issues-Read Article


Grounded in what Dr. Trevicia calls the “10/90 Rule,” her child bride memoir is motivational and inspirational. It will help you bounce back and press beyond the issues of life!

There Are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences
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