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Why is Dr. Trevicia Williams the perfect speaker for your event?


  • Author & Perfect speaker to boost the morale of your organization


  • Nonprofit, Business, Workplace & Women’s Conference Speaker

Changing lives and workplaces, Dr. Trevicia Williams brings humor, strategies and tools to inspire, motivate and improve the attitudes and performance of conference, meeting, workshop or seminar attendees. She works with organizations that want to unleash maximum potentials of their employees and create an environment for positive and productive people. Dr. Williams is the author of the books: I Love You But, I Can’t Understand You Right Now and There are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience.

Dr. Williams’ programs focus on the fundamentals of personal and professional success: Cooperation, Attitude, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm. Dr. Williams has strategies, programs, and inspiration to help attendees realize their potentials at home and work.

Audiences enjoy Dr. Williams’ electrifying speeches. Whether it’s a moment during her speech that’s touching and moving like when she was picked up from high school and carried to JP court for an arranged marriage at 14, practical like how autopilot behaviors throw off your entire day and ways to change them or pure motivation and inspiration like how she drove 75 miles one way as she commuted 4 days a week for 8 months to earn credentials for a career move, Dr. Williams captures and maintains audiences’ attention!

Start your meeting with electricity! If you’re looking to inspire and motivate your group, consider this and book Dr. Williams today: She’s also quoted as a human behavior expert in media ranging from the Woman’s Day Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Digital Journal, Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle and Radio Disney to morning radio and talks shows. Comments frequently heard after her presentations include:

You are very inspirational, very!

My employees needed someone who could boost their morale…you did that!

We haven’t had this type of turnout in months…your story motivated them!

As a motivational speaker, former Texas child bride and author of “There Are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences,” an inspirational memoir about her child bride experience as a 14 year old African American girl in an arranged marriage to a 26 year old man from Germany, Dr. Trevicia Williams uses her story to inspire and help others across the nation. Her memoir is grounded in the 10/90 Rule: Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of the way you respond.  Dr. Williams is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. Dr. Williams’ story motivates people to achieve their own dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face.

Keynotes, Training, Corporations, Nonprofits

Through training and development, Dr. Williams teaches and trains others to be effective entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners. Her seminars at companies have resulted in improved productivity, cohesive teams, increased employee satisfaction, increased retention, and resolves with workplace problems such as poor morale and team work. She adds new perspectives and life changing meaning to everyday experiences. As America’s performance coach and human behavior expert, she helps people remain savvy about a spectrum of topics that help them achieve balance and success including: leadership, productivity, change management, stress management, parenting, self improvement, professional development and more!

Conferences, Expos & Corporate Events

For several years now, Dr. Trevicia Williams has been motivating and inspiring people to be their personal and professional best. Her presentations have helped individuals and businesses achieve measurable growth. She is described as energetic, inspirational, motivational and effective.


“I wanted a keynote speaker who could energize my employees and boost the morale: Your keynote and story did just that! Your book was concise and to the point.” ~ Mrs. Betty Carter, Director/CEO of Project Head Start, Odessa, Texas

“Our members had a great time during our annual retreat. Your presentation on The Art & Skill of Dealing with People was perfect for our Spring Fling event.” ~Laurie Boehm, International Association of Administrative Assistants Chapter President, Florida

“Our group really enjoyed your presentation during our meeting last week.”~ Shenee Haskell, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, Florida

“We haven’t had a turn out like this in a while. In fact, I haven’t seen some of these women since this time last year! Your keynote story must have peaked their interest. They found you to be very inspirational.” ~Liz Cambra, President of Plano Women’s Club

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Keynote, Speaker, Seminar & Training Topics Include:

Inspirational and Corporate Meetings
Change Management
Employee Morale
Effective Communication
Keynote Speaker
Work-Life-Family Balance
Mother Daughter Relationships
Career Transitions
Effective Selling Strategies
Employee Development
Youth Groups
School Events
Team Building
Stress Management
Conflict Management
Professional Development
Personal Development
Parenting Teens
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