About Getting There with Dr. Trevicia

Getting There with Dr. Trevicia is a tv show where people can find information about everyday problems, motivation, productivity tips and cutting edge information about entrepreneurship, health and finance. Each episode will entail conversations between Dr. Trevicia and guests discussing their aspirations as well as ways they can get unstuck and move forward. Dr. Trevicia will also profile guests who have accomplished many of their dreams to serve as inspiration to others. Additionally, she will interview entrepreneurs, small business owners and authors.

Inquiries about Getting There with Dr. Trevicia Show

The show will air on ION Television Network in the Dallas Fort Worth area (Check for the channel based on your cable; however, it also airs without cable).

See information in the “prospective guests” section below for details about how to submit your story and information to possibly be interviewed on the show! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR INQUIRY. THANK YOU!

Interviews are conducted via Skype on Fridays between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm CST. (see Dr. Trevicia’s Skype name below)

She is a media expert about studies and research related to hot topics, author, and, former Texas child bride passionate about personal and professional development (non-clinical, non-counseling/therapy based). She will use the show as a platform for motivation and development to help people realize their dreams. Dr. Trevicia Williams holds a bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies, master’s in behavioral sciences and doctorate in psychology with a focus on organizational psychology. Learn more about Dr. Trevicia here..

Connect with Dr. Trevicia online
Skype: treviciawilliams


All prospective guests should know that as a Christian, Dr. Trevicia will refer to her faith during her show.

Additionally, due to the number of inquiries that are received daily, and, the fact that guests who are entrepreneurs or small business owners will benefit from the vast exposure through the paid program show, there are now two categories for potential guests:

1. Professionals with careers. Free submission, review of prospective guest’s information, and, if selected, free interview. This option is for professionals with careers (have jobs and are not self employed) and have questions about reaching their next level of success and are interested in being a guest during Dr. Trevicia’s Real Stories or Get it done, Get there segment (All information requested MUST be provided during the inquiry submission process. Otherwise, it will not be considered.).

2. Experts, Authors, Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners.. Preferential consideration and a “Guaranteed Interview.” This option is for prospective guests who feel that they can benefit from the 1+ million households and online publicity that an interview exposes them to. It provides prospective guests a guaranteed interview as long as they are an expert in their field, author or an entrepreneur/small business owner making things happen. Dr. Trevicia reserves the right to decline prospective guests and refund any financial investments made should she find that the person and/or their content is not suitable for the show.

Guaranteed Interview Investment: $299.95 (for a limited time). The investment for a guaranteed interview as an expert (health/wellness/nutrition or finance/wealth), entrepreneur, or small business owner during the premiere of the show season is $299.95 (less than the cost for an ad in a local newspaper and more online and offline visibility).

ION Network in Dallas Fort Worth (5th largest market in the U.S.) reaches over 1 million households. Interviews will also be published on Dr. Trevicia’s Dr. Trevicia’s Blog Talk Radio Show as well as YouTube and Vimeo. (All information requested MUST be provided during the inquiry submission process. Otherwise, it will not be considered.)

If you would like to be considered to be a guest or expert on the show, please complete the contact us form (click here) AND include:

1. Your contact information
2. Area of expertise
3. What would make you a great guest; and,
4. Your website or linkedin profile address.

Topics that Dr. Trevicia will be covering include:

Work-family Balance
Faith and more!

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