Relationship Coach, Dr. Trevicia Williams
Dr. Trevicia Williams has over a decade of academics in the behavioral sciences, holds a doctorate in psychology and is a full potentials living coach, keynote speaker, author, former Texas child bride, and, America’s leading subject matter expert on a range of topics including human behavior, effective communication, mother daughter relationships, teens, work-life balance, productivity, spirituality, parenting, healthy relationships, self-matters, value-based living, and, moral aptitude. She is best known for dedicating her life’s works to helping others achieve their fullest spiritual and human potentials for over twenty years.

Well sought after to share her expert knowledge and insightful experience, she is a favored guest on tv and radio shows. She has been featured on the country’s most prominent media outlets including, Radio Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Woman’s Day Magazine, WFAA, K104 FM Morning Show, 105.7 FM Radio, 88.1 News Talk, Houston Chronicle, DFW Child Magazine, Dallas Weekly, LifeTime, Lifetime Movie Network, BET, Oxygen, Bravo and more.

As an full potentials living coach and keynote speaker, Dr. Williams specializes in personal development strategies to help others overcome obstacles as well as adversity and tap into one’s fullest potential through the application of over a decade of studies and experience in behavioral science. Her unique approach that provides a great sense of comfort and openness for her clients is based on empathy through understanding, bought on by her own personal life experiences.

Dr. Williams offers customized training and development programs, seminars, conferences and workshops that assist entrepreneurs, corporate executives, leaders, governmental officials, mothers and teachers to work from new perspective for effective and lasting change, in their personal lives, with friends and family, their community or within their corporation.

Her vast and varied client base includes well-known names such as Plano Women’s Group, Mary Kay, Arbonne International, Project Head Start, The Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, The University of Houston, Disney World Executives, The YaYa Network Conference and Lone Star College.

In 2009, she founded Real Beauty Inside Out a successful charity helping mothers and their 10-18 year old daughters connect and grow through non-clinical, non-therapeutic based interactive seminars. Real Beauty Inside Out also emphasizes the importance of educating teens about healthy choices, decision making, character building, leadership development, entrepreneurship, moral development, and, protecting them from unplanned pregnancy and prematurely having sex by working in association with school districts throughout Texas and other non-profit organizations.

Dr. Williams is also an inspirational author, with her first book ‘There are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths about Life’s Experiences’ hitting bookstores all around the country, she provides hope, motivation and inspiration to thousands of readers struggling along their own life’s journey. Her book was inspired by her experience of being former child bride, who at the young age of fourteen was in an arranged marriage with a twenty-six year old Germany man. Overcoming this experience and now stronger and wiser than she could have dreamed, she gives eternal thanks for the most amazing pearl from her marriage, her daughter.

Dr. Williams has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology and a doctorate in Psychology.

Her proudest accomplishment is her now grown up daughter.

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