National Self Improvement Month: 75 Ways to Learn and Grow


September is National Self Improvement Month, 30 days of reminding people to pause and take the time of do something that can help improve themselves. This is also the time for making positive changes to live a happier and better life. But making those changes and self-improvement is not an easy and simple task that can be achieved during a short period of time.

So, I’m kicking off the month long awareness for personal growth with tips and free growth strategy coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are designed to help individuals and business owners transform their dreams into tangible results and turning their intentions into actions. Each of these sessions is geared at helping all participants in developing their real personal plan for their growth and success.


To achieve self-improvement, commitment and professional help are needed. That’s my objective with my free growth strategy sessions. I will share the most effective ways to help you achieve your goals. Participants in shifting their gear, gaining their complete focus and moving forward to achieve their well-deserved peak. Aside from the insights that participants may gain, they can also have a complete access to the most powerful tools like the Free Growth Strategy Analysis. At the end of the sessions, participants will learn about the things needed in changing their story from being unproductive to achieving growth.

It’s also just days before the NFL will kick off their 2015 football season. In light of that, my Free Growth Strategy Sessions were inspired, in part, by the buzz involving the Tom Brady “deflategate” scandal, Dez Bryant, the NFL, and the sport’s push for ongoing self-improvement of players. As with the ongoing self-improvement required for sports players, individuals and professionals can benefit from the help of an expert life coach to assist them in realizing personal and professional success.


Self improvement doesn’t have to entail lofty goals. It’s about doing things that helps you feel better about yourself and a sense of accomplishment. Within the month of self improvement awareness are other special causes that may peak your interest. These are things you can get involved in and help yourself feel accomplished too. I must say thank you to Brownilocks’ for the list of unknown observations during the month of September! A little research helped me find these other monthly observances in September:

  1. AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month
  2. All American Breakfast Month Link
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month
  4. Atrial Fibrillation Month
  5. Baby Safety Month Link
  6. Backpack Safety America Month
  7. Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month
  8. Blood Cancer Awareness Month Link
  9. Bourbon Heritage Month Link
  10. Children’s Good Manners Month
  11. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Link
  12. Cholesterol Education Month Link
  13. College Savings Month
  14. Fall Hat Month
  15. Go Wild During California Wild Rice Month Link
  16. Great American Low-Cholesterol, Low-fat Pizza Bake Month
  17. Gynecology Cancer Awareness Month
  18. Histiocytosis Awareness Month Link
  19. Hunger Action Month  Link
  20. Intergeneration Month
  21. International  or National Guide Dogs Month Link  Link
  22. International People Skills Month
  23. International Self-Awareness Month
  24. International Speak Out Month
  25. International Strategic Thinking Month
  26. International Square Dancing Month
  27. ITP Awareness Month Link
  28. Library Card Sign-up Month
  29. (World) Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month Link
  30. National Recovery Month Link
  31. Million Minute Family Challenge (September-December)
  32. Mold Awareness Month
  33. National Campus Safety Awareness Month Link
  34. National Child Awareness Month Link
  35. National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Link
  36. National Coupon Month
  37. National DNA, Geonomics & Stem Cell Education Month
  38. National Fruit and Veggies Month (Also June)
  39. National Head Lice Prevention Month
  40. National Home Furnishings Month
  41. National Honey Month Link
  42. National Infant Mortality Awareness Month Link
  43. National ITP Awareness Month Link
  44. National Mushroom Month Link
  45. National Organic Harvest Month Link
  46. National Osteopathic Medicine Month Link
  47. National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (Gov’t)
  48. National Passport Awareness Month  Link
  49. National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
  50. National Prosper Where You Are Planted Month
  51. National Recovery Month
  52. National Save A Tiger Month Link
  53. National Sewing Month  Link
  54. National Service Dog Month
  55. National Sickle Cell Month  Link
  56. National Piano Month Link  Link
  57. National Preparedness Month
  58. National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Link
  59. National Shake Month (Ice Cream)
  60. National Skin Care Awareness Month
  61. National Wilderness Month
  62. One-on-One Month
  63. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Link
  64. Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Link
  65. Self Improvement Month Link
  66. September Is Healthy Aging Month
  67. Shameless Promotion Month
  68. Superior Relationships Month
  69. Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month  Link
  70. Update Your Resume Month
  71. Wild Rice Month Link
  72. Women’s Friendship Month
  73. World Alzheimer’s Month
  74. World Animal Remembrance Month
  75. National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

As a life coach, author, speaker, and, subject matter expert based in Dallas, Texas, I am known for inspiring and motivating people to realize their fullest potentials through professional and personal development. Take advantage of the free growth strategy coaching sessions I’m offering all month long:


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