The Realities of Disney Inside Out

Have you seen Inside Out yet? As a relationship life coach, I compared Disney’s Inside Out movie with my own Real Beauty Inside Out Healthy Mother Daughter Relationships┬áseminars and coaching and found the commonality of having an inside out approach to relationships. So, here is an overview of the movie and a few tips to get through the complexities of mothers daughter relationships as well as father daughter relationships.

Eye-rolling-teen-girls-parenting-dr.-trevicia-williams-disney-inside-out-brave-cinderellaDisney Inside Out (Pixar) leaps from the complexities of mother daughter relationships in previous movies like Cinderella and Brave and takes into account changes a father found in his own preteen little girl. For some, that is the age when adolescence begins to blur away, and kids frequently get to be touchy, darker, and they begin to disguise a significant amount of those emotions.

Inside Out is an investigation of that turbulent time, and happens totally inside of the psyche of a 11 year old tween girl named Riley. The film concentrates on the main impetuses inside Riley’s head. These are fundamental feelings that drive Riley’s thought life and emotions. Simultaneously, they aide her development. They include Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (The Office’s Phyllis Smith), Joy (Amy Poehler), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Anger (Lewis Black).

What’s interesting is how the subconscious area of the Riley’s mind is played out through imagination, dreams, thoughts and abstract thinking. What a way for kids to be introduced to the power of the mind. In that context, the movie is very spiritual as well. So, moms, parents and guardians be aware and prepared to help your daughter or son understand the realities of the movie.

The mind is very powerful; however, most don’t come to grips with it’s power until they are adults facing real life problems and are praying for answers. Here are some tips to help:
1. The Human Brain’s Design. Kids are learning through movies, games, social media and at school so educating yourself and child is the key to helping him understand. By nature, the brain is made of two parts: conscious and subconscious (also referred to as unconscious) mind. Attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are driven by the conscious, 12% of the mind. Emotions, thoughts, experiences, the soul and DNA┬áderive from the subconscious or unconscious, 88% mind.

2. Crucial Time of Development. Ever wonder why your child imitates you? From birth to around the age if six, everything your child experiences is recorded and stored into his subconscious mind. He does not have the ability to analyze nor judge the information and details sees, hears or witnesses yet so he accepts what he sees and hears and his mind records and saves it for later use. That’s why guarding the mind is so important. Using discrepancy about movies, games, and, people that your child is exposed to helps to shape his attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

3. Understand the 12%. The conscious mind operates from the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors formed from ideas and information accepted as truth from birth to age six. Knowing the majority of what shapes a child’s conscious mind can help you as a parent be more intentional about the experiences your child does and doesn’t have.
To your success parents!

Dr. Trevicia Williams
Healthy Mother Daughter Relationships

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