Dr. Trevicia Williams, Uses Coaching and Relationship Seminar to Address Publicly Shaming Teens for Punishment

 Public Shaming As Punishment for Teens Dr. Trevicia Williams Sounds OffWith the growing wave of parental social media shaming that has taken place in recent times, including the 13 year old girl who committed suicide after she was publicly shamed by a viral Facebook video, it was apparent to Dr. Trevicia Williams that a better way of communicating and parenting needed to be revisited. Using her years of experience as an effective success and life coach, she created the fun interactive mother daughter seminar, “I love You, But I Can’t Stand You Right Now” and a new addition to it called, “The Café.” This interactive thought-provoking seminar aims to help mothers and daughters learn skills to help them succeed through childhood, adolescence, and beyond.  Read more here
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