A Healthier You: 9 Reasons You Should Smile More

People scurry around looking for the latest health fad to make them skinnier, happier, healthier, look younger and spend billions of dollars trying to seize the perfect “fix.” However, few realize the health benefits of smiling. Some may already be thinking that it sounds to simple to be effective. However, there’s actually sound research that confirms it works! WebMD says that a smile makes you look intelligent, attractive and helps you be successful!. A smile also says a lot about your personality. Now, that’s worth genuinely flexing your facial muscles for!

Here are ten reasons to smile more:

1 – Reduce Heart Rate – The body becomes relaxed, blood pressure is reduced, and, the the heart rate is slower when we smile. This takes a load off of the heart and helps it do it’s job without overly tasking it. Research shows that people who smile and laugh a lot reduce their chances of developing heart disease.

2 – Reduce Stress – One of the top 5 causes a range of health problems in America is stress. Smiling is a simple way to reduce stress lower the influx of stress hormone cortisol.

3 – Boost Productivity – Studies show that smiling increases productivity while working.

4 – Enhances Trust – Research confirms that people trust others who genuinely smile at them. Not only is it good for our mental health, it also improves our social health. Healthy relationships begin with the reciprocation of authentic smiles.

5 – Free Pain Killer – Proverbs says: “Laughter does good like a medicine.” Those are strong words, and, research shows that pain is reduced when people laugh and smile. Your mood changes while smiling and laughing due to the chemical changes that occur. Specifically, endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin are the “feel good” chemicals that are released when you smile and laugh.

6 – Contagious – Smiling is free. It creates warmth in the hearts of those you’re smiling at and studies show that nearly 50% of people reciprocate the action.

7 – More Success – Studies show that people who smile look more confident and in control of the work they do. This increases their earning potential and the number of opportunities that they are presented with.

8 – Longevity – A genuine deep lined smile does more for you than what meets the eye. Studies show that people who smile more increase their life expectancy by up to 7 years longer.

9 – Enhance Immune System – Because smiling causes the body to calm down, it enables the immune system to respond more efficiently and faster against invaders.

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