Dr. Trevicia Williams: Talk show host, life coach, author, national speaker and America’s leading media contributor on parenting teens, effective communication, human behavior, healthy relationships, self matters, productivity, value-based living, and, moral aptitude.


Be it personal, family or work, healthy relationships are essential for happiness and success. It begins with a healthy relationship with self. Life's experiences shifts and shakes; however, they are purposed to teach and equip individuals for their next levels of success.

Each experience is meticulously designed to help you discover your purpose and prepare you for your destiny. The greater the shifting and shaking you experience, the greater your purpose.

With effective strategies during the process of "getting there," the soul is restored, success is realized and happiness is achieved... More


Professional Services (Dr. Williams' services do not include therapy, psychological testing, counseling nor "other" mental health/ "psychological services" provided by licensed psychologists and are not designed to prevent, diagnose, nor treat psychological  or medical problems.)

Keynote/Motivational/Inspirational Speaker: Keynotes at conferences, retreats, corporate meetings and more

Coaching: Identify areas of stagnation and remarkably improve personal development/growth more

Seminars & Workshops: Get Out of Your Comfort Zones, You're Not Stuck!, Healthy Mother Daughter Relationships and other customized interactive seminars more

Corporate Training & Conference Seminars/Workshops/Break-out Sessions: Become an effective employee, entrepreneur, leader, and/or business owner. Improve productivity, build cohesive teams, increased employee satisfaction and reach resolves with workplace problems such as poor morale and team work. more

Guest Media Expert: Tips and Expert Commentary about trending topics as well as  breaking news more

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