Dr. Trevicia Williams Helps Others "Get There" In Their Personal, Family & Work Lives

Be it personal, family or work, healthy relationships are essential for happiness and success. It begins with a healthy relationship with self. Life's experiences shifts and shakes; however, they are purposed to teach and equip individuals for their next levels of success.


Each experience is meticulously designed to help you discover your purpose and prepare you for your destiny. The greater the shifting and shaking you experience, the greater your purpose.

With effective strategies during the process of "getting there," the soul is restored, success is realized and happiness is achieved. Not understanding that there's a process to discovering who you are, your purpose, becoming an effective person, parent, employee, or successful entrepreneur can make experiences extra trying. Oftentimes, individuals need help with the process. It starts with a positive perspective, followed by interventions.

As I touch the lives of people, I see their deeper needs and am grateful that I'm positioned to help them move beyond merely surviving life's experiences. I love seeing people get the information and/or interventions they need, apply the strategies they learn and thrive. As a psychologist, I know how important that being in a healthy place spiritually and psychologically is to personal and professional achievements. As I explained during an interview with Dallas Weekly, from the least to the greatest accomplishments, a healthy relationship with self affects the health of one's relationships with others.

From parent-child to family, work and business relationships, inspiration and interventions motivates people beyond life's issues, disappointments, and, despair.

Whether I'm delivering a keynote speech, providing expert commentary on a radio or tv show, contributing tips and advice for publications, inspiring a congregation, motivating corporate professionals, facilitating a healthy relationship seminar or helping individuals one on one, I consider it a privilege to serve others.

I look forward to helping you thrive and claim your destiny!


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