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Be it personal, family or work, healthy relationships are essential for happiness and success. It begins with a healthy relationship with self. Life's experiences shifts and shakes; however, they are purposed to teach and equip individuals for their next levels of success.

Each experience is meticulously designed to help you discover your purpose and prepare you for your destiny. The greater the shifting and shaking you experience, the greater your purpose.

With effective strategies during the process of "getting there," the soul is restored, success is realized and happiness is achieved... More


Parenting-teens-mother-daughter-relationships-human-behavior-expert-healthy-relationships-expert-dr.-trevicia-williams-back-to-school-2014-houston-dallas-austin-san-antonio Parenting: Ways to Deal With Defiant Teens

It's tough for parents to understand how to handle a defiant teen. The frustration comes with trying various strategies to deal with the seemingly out of control behavior and feeling like nothing...

Raising Teens: What Berkeley & Brooklyn Moms Have In Common

Puberty’s effect on teens doesn’t begin to compare with it’s impact on moms. It is a common thread for all moms. There’s a storm of emotional, psychological, physical and social changes that occur during the adolescent years.

Father Daughter Relationships: Do Daughters Marry Their Dads?

The father daughter relationship is important because it is part of a girl's foundation of love, trust and security. The father daughter relationship sets the standards for respect and what she "should" expect from boys and men in other areas of her life.

Life is 10% of What Happens to you and 90% of the way your respond

My child bride memoir is grounded in the 10/90 Rule (more)


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